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For several years, pop music was absent from newsstands as fans craved a magazine celebrating their favourite artists of the past decades. Now, with RETROPOP, it’s finally here!

Established in April 2020 by London-based entertainment journalist Connor Gotto, with a focus on the biggest stars and classic sounds of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, the idea quickly grew from a small-scale blog to the go-to destination for fans, with the latest news stories, exclusive interviews, first-listen album reviews and much more. 

Recognising the thirst for pop nostalgia, the rise in physical music sales and the absence of a monthly pop magazine in the UK, in 2021 he founded Irresistible LDN – a cross-platform media and publishing company, based in east London – and published the first monthly edition of RETROPOP Magazine in March 2022. 

A collaboration with former Smash Hits Art Editor Owen Connolly, the title has gone from strength to strength, establishing its foundations in WH Smith and specialist stores across the UK before entering the supermarket space in early 2023 (ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose), with plans to launch internationally later in the year. 

Successfully merging the worlds of print and digital, RETROPOP’s online presence continues to grow month-on-month, reaching a combined social media audience of over one million monthly users via tailored, multi-platform content and real-time updates that continue to drive an engaged audience.

That digital-first approach also extends to the magazine, with each month’s edition available via partners such as PocketMags and PressReader, delivering issues directly to readers’ personal devices and servicing global airlines (inc. Air Canada, British Airways, JetBlue) and hotel chains (inc. Hilton, Marriott, MGM). 

Says Connor Gotto, Founder and Editor of RETROPOP and Director of Irresistible LDN: “Never did I imagine when I started this little side project during one of the most turbulent periods in recent history that, three years later, RETROPOP would be a defining voice in pop and the go-to title for thousands of fans worldwide. It’s wild!

“I think I speak for everyone at RETROPOP when I say that it’s a pleasure to work on something we love so much and a genuine thrill to see the overwhelming response from our community of readers worldwide, who are as integral to everything we do as the music itself. 

“What’s most exciting, though, is that we’re only just getting started and as we embark on the next chapter in the RETROPOP story, I have to say the biggest THANK YOU to all of the team, everyone in the industry who has so graciously supported us over the past three years, and you – the reader – for being with us every step on the way.”



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